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Financial Aid

Need Money for College . . .  

Financial Aid Contacts:

Tina Freeman, Director

Darla Bates, Financial Aid Director

We can help!  Your first step in finding out your eligibility is to fill out a FAFSA (free application for federal student aid).  We have the financial aid FAFSA form(s) here at the school and will be more than happy to help you fill it out.  All you need to do is give us a call at 931-433-1305 and ask for someone in admissions.


We work with the State (various programs), Veteran's Administration and the U.S. Department of Education (Federal Pell Grants & Direct Student Loans), as well as any private scholarships that you may have.  Financial aid available to those who qualify.

  • - Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)Student Loan Information / FAFSA link

  • - U. S. Department of Education Direct Loan Program


Federal Pell Grant

Pell Grants provide a foundation of financial assistance that may be supplemented by other resources and doesn't have to be repaid after graduation. Pell Grants are determined after the financial status of a student is fully reviewed. Based on a student's financial circumstances, a specific amount of money is disbursed annually toward the student's education through the Pell Grant. How much you can expect to receive from a Pell Grant is solely based on your financial situation and other criteria.


Federal Direct Student Loans

This low-interest loan is available to qualified students through the U.S. Department of Education. There are two types of Federal Direct Student Loans; subsidized and unsubsidized. Subsidized loans are awarded based on financial need. But if you are eligible for a subsidized loan, the government will subsidize (i.e. pay) the interest on your loan while you are attending school and the first six months after you leave school.


Federal Parent Loan for Students (PLUS)

The PLUS loan provides additional funds to help parents pay for educational expenses for dependent students. This type of loan is an alternative to other types of financing because it allows your parents to assist you, without having to borrow against their assets or other property.


Scholarship Information

The Hair Academy, LLC offers in-house scholarship opportunities for all of our programs.  Ask admissions for details.

Scholarship Information

Besides federal financing, there are many private financing programs such as private scholarships.


Sport Clips Scholarship

Sport Clips Scholarship is a scholarship opportunity available through AACS, which is awarding 12, $1,000 scholarships during 2008. For additional information and to fill out the application, visit the AACS website.


OPI Scholarship

OPI is a leader in nail care and offers scholarships for general Cosmetology and in the Nail Technicians. To learn more about the OPI scholarship, visit their website at


AHBAI Scholarship

The American Health and Beauty Aids Institute or the AHBAI Fred Luster, Sr. Education Foundation offers scholarships specifically to cosmetology students. For information on the Chicago-based foundation, please visit their website at


Scholarship-Focused Search Engines

Visit the following scholarship search engines that will help you find scholarships out there available to you.    (search Cosmetology)


Here are a few other financial aid resources:





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